Matthias Kaiser Ceramics

Matthias Kaiser is a Ceramic Artist living and working in Vienna, Austria.

He has travelled extensively throughout Asia, The Indian subcontinent and America and lived in Japan while working as an apprentice with two master potters in Seto and Karatsu before returning to Vienna to follow his passion for Ceramics.

Matthias studied at Parsons School of Design in New York and The University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

His work has been shown in galleries and museums around the world and is much sought after by collectors.



Matthias Kaiser says:

As a ceramics artist, I am particularly drawn to the various alchemical changes each material experiences during the creation process. 
 In an attempt to communicate each component's history, I try to seek out, process and blend all raw materials directly from their source. Not only does this influence the design of any given work, but it also deepens my relationship to it while in progress and as a finished piece.

My intervention can be subtle, providing a canvas for the display of hidden attributes and elemental forces. This philosophy of finding fulfilment in emptiness corresponds to my long association with mysticism. The in-depth involvement with the materials, dictates the work before I even begin shaping- creating a naturally occurring rich, unpredictable palette of tones.

The result is both minimalist and manifold, slowly revealing itself to the observer with each glance.
 Thus, the tension generated reflects the complex creation, illustrating how such an involved process defines my work from purely utilitarian ceramics. Even though most of the objects I make are functional vessels, my fascination lies in aspects that go beyond their traditional function without diminishing their purpose. As a European ceramist, I am interested in deconstructing and reinventing traditional shapes and blending them with a formal language that is rooted in Western modern art. However, as an artist who also is utilizing ancient far Eastern techniques and influenced by oriental philosophy, my aim is to apply discreet action in order to maintain the balance between intent and accident.