Richard Ostell Furniture is the starting point for a concept that brings together an evolving and growing group of Artists and Designers. 

Balance, proportion and a quiet simplicity are the cornerstones of Richard Ostell's aesthetic which forms this personally curated collection.

“In a world where everything is immediate and disposable I have always been interested in pieces that last. As a designer I care deeply about great design, superb craftsmanship and sustainability so my pieces can be enjoyed for generations. Furniture, art and ceramics have always been my passion and my intention has always been to open a  gallery to show my work and that of other designers I admire; a calm space where the work can breathe, this website is the first step. 

As new styles become available they will be added to the selection along with new designers as I discover them. All will be connected by the same philosophy; design, quality, craftsmanship and a considered simplicity beyond the whims of fashion"

Richard Ostell


Richard Ostell Consultancy

After 25 years working with and selling to some of the world's largest corporations including, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Galeries Lafayette,  Liz Claiborne inc. Isetan and Nicole Farhi, Richard Ostell has developed a keen design and strategic sense for what works, a unique ability to quickly get to the heart of the problem and create workable solutions. 

That expertise is now available on a consultancy basis helping companies evolve and adapt through great design, strategic planning and streamlining systems.

Please email: contact@richardostell.com for more information.